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Protect Your Kids!!! 30 Jun 2011

Hey Everyone

Recently I had a huge shock when my eldest child Bennaya came to me with her computer (a requirement for school) and asked what was going on with this man who was quite clearly having sexual intercourse with a woman on the computer screen. To say I was embarrassed and angry would be an understatement. I have relayed this story to my friends and most have their own horror stories involving the internet and gaming and social media sites, probably the most disturbing came from Dion Bichel wife of Australian cricketer Andy Bichel, whose neighbour's child was stalked by a convicted pedophile at their family home following interaction on the kids gaming site Mushy Monsters. I have since found out that 1 in 4 children will be approached by an online predator in their lifetime!!! Scary stuff! I made a promise to myself that I would find the best way of preventing these animals from preying on my  children and after extensive research involving asking people with computer backgrounds I believe I have found the best way to control this.

On top of the above scary statistic you have probably heard via the media in recent times about the disturbing cases of sexting and exploitation of children on Facebook/My Space and other social networking sites. Added to these issues is the old parenting problem of trying to prevent your children from spending to long on their computer or trying to monitor whether your child is doing homework or social networking etc. It is unrealistic to physically sit and monitor all that our children do on the variety of gadgets that connect to the internet…It isn't just the family computer  there are many other avenues to connect to the internet for example, Nintendo DS, iPads, iPods, Playstation, Xbox etc etc the list goes on,
There are many programmes to monitor computer usage on the market and whilst these are good, I found out they are easily navigated around by our genius young kids who only have to google how to get around the programmes! On top of this it is unrealistic to load programmes on to all of the gadgets I spoke about earlier and monitor them all!

What I have discovered is without doubt the best way to protect and monitor your families web based activities is via an actual modem called the Cybersafe 24/7 (I suggest watching the introduction video  It is simple to use and is cheap, about $190 or 100 quid…All you do is replace your old modem with the cybersafe (if you have a standard Telstra or BT modem you will find this much faster anyway which is an added bonus to it!)
Then you have a whole bunch of parent friendly ;-) icons appear on your screen and then you just follow your nose

Sorry to bother you with this but I was genuinely shocked by the statistics on child predators and promised myself I would try and make a difference. Nothing is more valuable to me than my family and the 5 mins it has taken me to write this email and the week or so I spent hunting down this info will hopefully make a difference….

Anyway hope this of some help and I don't like getting serious, so now I have them protected I can relax and go back to being a clown ;-)

Smokey x