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My Fight Night by Adam Hollioake 31 May 2011

Hi guys as you will be aware I had a fight last Saturday night, I had been in hard training (well as hard as an unfit 40 year old can train anyway) for nearly 8 weeks. I have been asked on almost too many occasions to count, "Why would you want to fight?" Well there is a very simple answer and a whole host of deep answers to this.

Firstly and most simply I love fighting, I am not sure why or how this came about, none of my family have the slightest interest in it, and other than watching it on TV as a youngster I never had any reason to fall in love with it. So why did I fall in love with it and not golf like every other cricketer. Well truth be known I have never been renowned for my skill or dexterity and have always been a power athlete (basically that was my excuse I used for being poor at anything that required skill & endurance) Well my answer is quite straight forward actually...I have always been a fierce competitor I hate losing at anything, in fact my 8 year old daughter is yet to beat me in anything & I intend to keep my unbeaten record for ever ;-) I deem fighting to be the ultimate competitive sport....You play cricket, and you play football, you play tennis, but you don't play fighting! You fight! It's different, I can't explain it in any other way than you lose and you get hurt physically....In cricket we used to lose and it was emotionally tough, but never physically....

The other 2 reasons I agreed to fight were differing, the easy one to discuss was it was for the local Gold Coast Community Charity which does some great work specifically with children.

Finally and almost most importantly for me was the fact I had put on a bit of weight and needed to shed about 16kgs....I was weighing in at 106.8kgs when I jumped on the scales for the first time....It wasn't pretty....It was actually my wife whom I love and adore....especially our brutal but refreshing honesty with one another (our favorite saying is "Let the truth set you free!") Anyway one day (probably whilst trying to put my socks on) she obviously felt the need to let the truth set her free!  "Babe you really have gotta do something, this isn't the man I signed up to marry!" Wow! That hurt, but it was so true! It wasn't fair to her and I needed to do something about it.

I started training at home and it didn't have the desired effect, so one day whilst visiting Stephen Ng at the Matrix gym, he said to me why don't you have a fight, I laughed and said, too fat, too old!!! When I got home I mentioned it to my wife and she said "You know what that might be what you need! Your not vain enough to lose the weight for your looks, but you have got a massive ego and will never allow yourself to lose" Being a man I took the positive out of this comment and thought, wow that's nice of her to say I am not vain (really I think it meant, you look like shit and don't care ;-) So the fight was on.....

Adam Hollioake Boxing InterviewWhen I started back I was appallingly unfit and wasn't able to perform things I would have used in a warm up a few years back....I think years of getting ready for cricket seasons had prepared me for this challenge and I just stuck at it and eventually started to feel quite good (comparatively that is).

I have had a good hard think about things aside from this and have tried to work out why I get so much out of these long term challenges. It is the lack of immediate reward and the struggle that no one sees that interests me. A lot of our youth want instant reward, whether that be by playing a computer game that gives you instant entertainment or having the ability to put themselves on the web. It is a weird and slightly sadistic thing to get yourself into a zone of training on your own. I used to get down the gym and just get on the stationary bike then bang out round after round on the heavy bag to try and shift the weight. Special message at this time needs to go to Stephen Ng, he was my trainer for this fight and is a special man.....He dedicated a lot of time to me without any reward and has actually motivated me to want to lose the weight, realizing that this was my main reason for the fight. I think a measure of this is the fact we have undertaken a bet that I need to get even more weight off now that the fight is over and have til the 12th June to get down to 90kgs....The loser has to shave an eyebrow off! I have had my eyebrows for almost 40 years I ain't about to lose one now. That said as we stand right now I have 12 days to lose 8kgs! C'mon Smokey you fat git, you can do it! I love goals and the buzz of the fight!

On the fight itself, it was great fun and nothing compares to getting in a ring with someone knowing that only one of you will leave a winner. When you get up there the ring feels so small and lonely. It's a hell of a buzz and although I don't do drugs is one of the most addictive things you can experience. I totally understand fighters that step back in the ring time and time again.

Anyway Jamie Myer the promoter is looking to get me involved again to fight another fight mater in the year. I am psyched at the thought and can't wait to get up in front of the crowd again and put it all on the line.

Until Next time

Adam Hollioake