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Fighting Fit by Adam Hollioake 16 May 2012

For those of you who aren’t aware I have had a busy 6 months or so… I have turned professional at boxing and MMA and had my first fight on the 13th April….I snuck a win after my opponent was unable to continue…Unfortunately it wasn’t due to my awesome boxing skills, but rather my unfeasibly hard head…I was caught with a big right hand late in the 4th round and unfortunately for my opponent this led to him dislocating his shoulder….Now I know at this stage people are going to start drawing comparisons between other great unbeaten Heavyweights like Rocky Marciano…but I would like to point out that Rocky couldn’t play cricket….Ok I just had my wife point out to me that neither could I…she has a good point ;-)

On top of this I made my MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) debut…for those of you who have no idea what MMA is…its basically cage fighting, no rules fighting or as my wife likes to call it licensed unlicensed fighting…lets just say its not her cup of tea…

Since finishing cricket one of the things I have missed is competing…I don’t have any vices as such, I don’t do drugs (never have), I don’t gamble (never have), ok, ok so I eat a lot but that’s not exactly a buzz its just something I like…. my biggest fight to date has been the fight against McDonald…Ronald McDonald to be precise…every time I drive past one of his restaurants I have a massive fight with Dave Hollioake…Dave is my alter ego and was dropped on his head several times as a baby…he developed a massive appetite for food and fighting….and is a public nuisance….

Anyway enough of the silly stuff!
What a bizarre few weeks it has been…. No one will ever be able to say my life is dull…You may love me… more than likely you may hate me…but even the most ardent hater out there would have to say I certainly keep people on their toes… I am not sure why it is but I always seem to find myself in interesting situations and hence find myself being scrutinized by the media…. Not always for things I am proud of I must admit….
Amongst things I am not particularly proud of was a miss quote that had me down as a drug dealer in 1998 and then of course there was the death of my brother…more recently has been the collapse of my property business…

When asked recently if I had noticed my life had involved extreme ups and downs I had a moment of clarity…Since then I refer to my life as a roller coaster ride…. there are always big highs and big lows…I realized at this point that although lows are not what we always want in life they are a part of the journey and you have to enjoy them as well….As long as you don’t take yourself to seriously this is pretty easy to do..I can get past everything with a smile apart from the passing of family members and that of Graham Kersey my dear friend… If you are going to ride the roller coaster you cant complain if things are a bit is your own choice...I have come to accept this is the path I have chosen…I could have gone and been an accountant and ridden the merry go round…yes I would have had a safe and consistent life…but I never would have enjoyed this…it would have been like caging a wild animal and would have killed me…

I would like to thank all the media who have taken the time to contact me and find out my story....I make myself readily available now and just hand out my cell number…If I don’t want to speak to someone I just tell them so or push my favorite button (the NO button) That is an advantage of being an individual sportsman you aren’t worried about what you say and can speak freely…This is in stark contrast with my cricketing days where I never handed out my number and avoided media like the plague

Despite 99% of the media being excellent unfortunately a couple have followed the old age killer of reporters careers…. laziness…. Any reporter who has taken the time to call me has been left under no illusion that I am not fighting for money…Despite my well documented financial problems (which I made public myself on this website and have always been open about,) I am not planning on retiring from the money I am making from fighting…Truth is I simply love fighting, just as most ex cricketers like golf (I personally cant stand golf…Maybe because I am terrible at it, maybe because I am insane, maybe because I am secretly a thug…) for whatever reason I just don’t like golf I like to fight…I accept that makes me in the minority but it doesn't make me a freak...All I have to say to the media who have reported badly is, your reporting is as bad as my bowling was when I was playing and thats nothing to be proud of trust me ;-)

I have a lot to thank my wife for and it was my wife who said to me one day…"if you hate golf so much why do you go and play?" It was a simple but thought provoking comment…It was at this point I learnt that it is easy to go through life doing what other people want you to do….I could easily go into coaching or commentary or I could even have carried on playing cricket…but would I have been doing what I wanted to do? No absolutely not….I would have been doing things to gain approval from people and therefore living an unhappy life…Sometimes your loves aren’t always good for you…I don’t know where fighting will take me…I know I will never give up in a fight and if someone wants to beat me properly they will have to do some serious damage…that is a slightly scary but exciting proposition…but if someone is going to do that they are going to have to stand in front of me and look me in the eye and take my best shots….. to do that they had better be a tough dude….I’m not saying I am ready to fight for a world title and I am under no illusions I am very raw and need to earn respect before I start talking in such a way…Things that aren’t proven yet are my boxing skills, fitness and temperament….. I don’t need to prove these to anyone else....just to myself…Things that I do know is I will never give up…when I have been faced with challenges in the past I have never given up…I may fall short…but I will die before I ever throw in the towel…

Anyway those reporters who have called me and decided that this is a publicity stunt? Again…what are you going on about? You called me right? I can swear on my children’s eyes I have not rung a single reporter about me going into fighting…you have all rung me! If you don’t think it should be public….don’t write about it…I don’t own a newspaper or TV Network and have no ability other than on my own website (which about 10 people look’s hardly News of the World) to try and raise some publicity, if that indeed was my goa…write I am no good, fat, old, whatever, but don’t say I am doing it for publicity or money….I’ve been doing this stuff for nearly 30 years (when I have had the time) now because you (the reporters) decided its interesting I’m doing it for publicity? Please….

Anyway since my MMA fight I have made no secret of the fact that my wife wasn’t happy with the MMA scene…Compounded by the fact that my opponent Joel Miller a 27 year old dude from Mackay ended up with multiple facial fractures and had his left orbital bone shifted 5mm…She was devastated and was pretty much saying I would be devastated if I was that boys Mum…I have so much respect for this kid…damn he just came out to fight and could easily have given up in the 1st round when the first of my big punches landed…we feel this may have been the punch that did the damage…to fight on in a no rules fight for 10 more mins…warrior!!! In fact he took me down onto my back and gave me a good hiding in the 1st round….that wasn’t in my game plan and the mess he has made of my front leg has seen me getting around like a man with one leg for the last 2 weeks…


Adam Hollioake vs Lee Blacka (Pro Boxing Debut KO 4th Round)

Its funny…a lot of people ask me…do you hate the people you fight? I can honestly say that I have no ill feeling before, during, or afterwards…and in fact have been so fortunate to meet some amazing people since I have been fighting…Yes they are largely very different to the people that I met playing cricket but the core values are very similar….

I met one of the most amazing men I have ever met that night…his name was “The Rock Ape” yes you heard correct…My mind is always open to any individual…but you may be surprised to hear that a man with the name “Rock Ape” who fights for a living would be one of the most caring and compassionate individuals I have ever met….Rock Ape is a single father of 4 kids…all under the age of 5….This is har d enough on its own…but add to the fact he is the guy they ring up when someone pulls out! He is often fighting under rules he has never trained in like Muay Thai and has got a 0-4 record in MMA, most of the time he gives away a lot of weight as well, often fighting guys 10kgs heavier than him!…I love this guy..he just gets in the ring and lets it all hang out! If I could ever have more respect for someone than Joel Miller it could possibly be “Rock Ape”…We drank til the sun came up together and I listened to his most amazing story…people like this go through life unheralded but I was captivated by his passion for his kids and his desire to put a roof over their head and food on their table…even at the expense of his own safety…very brave human being…

Anyway stay tuned…I’m going to start writing some more blogs….I actually quite enjoy writing them

My next blog is going to be on the differences between being a professional cricketer in a team environment and between being a professional individual athlete…Quite interesting….even if I do say so myself

One Love x

by Adam Hollioake


Adam Hollioake preparing for MMA Debut vs Joel Miller